About CAMP & How To Contact Us

Prospective students are required to attend an orientation clinic for CAMP prior to the fall semester This is an intensive, yet extremely fun three-day event, where participants get to meet their peers, prepare for their first day of classes, participate in team building sessions, and develop their leadership skills.

CAMP is Fun

Educational and Cultural Trips

CAMP participants visit at least two universities during their freshman year at Crowder College. Our program is dedicated to the continued academic success of each CAMP participant both during and after the completion of their Associates Degree at Crowder College. In addition, participants attend a minimum of two cultural events, at no cost to them.

CAMP Educational and Cultural Trips

CAMP Staff

The CAMP Staff is dedicated to the success of each participant throughout their college career.


Lisa O’Hanahan
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
Anita Botello-Samson
Anita Botello-Samson
Academic Advisor/Counselor
Administrative Assistant
Victoria Munsterman
Administrative Assistant