Admission Requirements


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Admission Requirements

1. *Minimum age 21 by the completion of training, for interstate operations*, (operating beyond state lines).
Minimum age 18 years old for intrastate operations* only, (driving within state lines)

2. *Must posses a valid driver’s license and a driving record that reflects not more than three moving violations within the past 3 years, and reflects NOT more than ONE alcohol-related, drug related, or careless or reckless conviction within the past 5 years.

3. Must speak, read and write the English language proficiently, demonstrated by obtaining a Class A CDL permit, by passing the required written examinations administered at your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles.

4. Must pass D.O.T. Physical Examination and NIDA Drug Screen in order to demonstrate obvious physical and mental abilities for the safe operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

5. Complete a Crowder Transport Training Enrollment Agreement and obtain credit approval of any loan application and/or arrange alternate financing, or provide advanced cash payment in full before or on the first day of class schedule.

6. Agree to abide by all published rules of behavior and sign the Crowder Transport Training “Student Code of Conduct”

7. Students are responsible for keeping adequate personal hygiene while attending class. There are times when students will be in close proximity to one another, for extended periods of time. Therefore personal hygiene is a must.

*Note: Individual students may be granted a waiverfrom “1” or “2” above on a case-by-case basis. Students granted such a waiver must complete a signed release form relieving Crowder Transport Training of any Employment Assistance responsibility.